SDGs What's New いのちを守る防災 お知らせ ぱふぉBUS マジックショーイベント 防災劇場

ド迫力!大規模防災訓練に防災マジック参戦!覧無料 近畿府県合同防災訓練(緊急消防援助隊近畿ブロック合同訓練)(和歌山県総合防災訓練)(2023.11.04)

An joint disaster prevention exercise is being organized by the Wakayama Prefecture Crisis Management Division and related organizations. Taking place on November 3rd and 4th, it aims to strengthen cooperation among disaster-related agencies and boost citizens’ disaster awareness. Activities include magic shows for education, practised disaster rescues, and exhibition of disaster vehicles. The general public is invited to observe.

お知らせ マジックショーイベント


The post announces an upcoming magic live show, Shibuya Shun’s Magic LIVE, developed in collaboration with magic creators such as Tenyo and Fujihara Kuniyasu. The show features Shibuya Shun’s original production “Overlap,” blending classical magic with modern techniques. The event invites everyone to immerse themselves in a unique world, envisaged by a crew of adept magicians and artists.